Николай С. (nikolaj_s) wrote,
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Змей с любопытной историей.

"This was my Grandfather’s, Louie Silveria, service pistol when he served with the California Highway Patrol (Badge #: 963) from 1948 and retired in 1971. Back then the CHPs service pistols weren't issued so each officer was responsible for buying their own. He bought his .357 Colt Python 6" (brand new) in 1957 for just under $150! (previous service pistol was a S&W .38 special snub nose primarily used in auto theft cases when he was undercover in plain clothes). In the late 1950's the PIT maneuver was not yet developed, so when he was in a high speed chase and pulled along side the fleeing vehicle, he drew his Colt Python and unloaded the cylinder into the engine block thus disabling the vehicle and ending the pursuit. All passengers of the fleeing vehicle were unharmed and immediately apprehended." - Brice S.
Tags: colt, python, оружейные картинки из сети

  • Добродушно:

    Какой элегантный колесцовый пистолет. Голландия, город Маастрихт, XVII-ыф век. Калибр 12мм, длина 630мм.…

  • Потягиваясь:

    Всё в кучу, что бы два раза не вставать. 1. Съездили с товарищем сегодня в город Филиппсбург. Соревнования с дробовиком слил (вернее три серии…

  • Одобрительно:

    Офигительное цевьё. Midwest Industries на Марлине под патрон .357 Magnum. Нет, говорите мне что хотите, но оно дико удобное для спорта.…

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