April 28th, 2020

don't tread on me


О сверхъестественном.
Многие похоже недооценивают совпадения и случайности. А ведь иногда получается очень забавно.
У меня часто бывает- стоит вспомнить о какой нибудь машинке и спустя пару дней кто то выкладывает про неё статью.
Но если посчитать, сколько я мониторю всяких оружейных блогов, то ничего удивительно нет. Хотя начинаю понимать, почему кто то верит в сверхъестественный бред.
Ну да ладно. Лучше о интересном поговорим-

The Armourer's Bench опубликовали небольшую статью и видео обзор французского пистолета пулемёта производства фирмы Société Anonyme des Anciens Etablissements Hotchkiss et Cie известный как Hotchkiss "Universal"-

Видео обзор.

Безумная всё таки штука-
don't tread on me



Vortex Awarded OTA for the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon Fire Control Prototype Program

Всегда считал эту фирму производителем хорошего середнячка и каченственной бюджетной оптики. Не думал, что они потянут госзаказ. Любопытное заявление-

For the last 18 years, innovation has meant everything to Vortex Optics. It’s meant our emergence as a leader in the sport optics industry. It’s allowed us to provide our customers the tools they need to pursue and protect what matters most in their lives.
But starting today, our dedication to innovation means something even more.
We’re honored to announce that the US Army – PM Soldier Lethality awarded Vortex® an agreement to deliver the Next Generation Squad Weapon-Fire Control (NGSW-FC) Production Ready Prototypes for Soldier TouchPoint (STP) evaluations.
As a direct-view optic, the 1-8×30 Active Reticle™ Fire Control provides everything you’d expect from a variable-power, first focal plane riflescope. When augmented with an overlaid digital display, however, it provides features unheard of in a traditional small arms fire control.
“As a veteran-owned, non-traditional defense contractor, it’s very important to us that we listen to warfighters,” said Sam Hamilton, Chief Technical Officer at Vortex Optics. “When we learned of the soldier’s need for increased lethality out of their squad weapons—combined with the Small Arms Ammunition Configuration (SAAC) study, which proved that advancements in electro-optical fire control had the greatest potential to increase soldier’s lethality—we knew there was an important capability gap we could fill.”
The Vortex Optics 1-8×30 Active Reticle™ Fire Control is built around a revolutionary technology based on many years of internal research and development, along with multiple cooperative development efforts with the Army’s PM-Soldier Weapons group. The end result is Active Reticle™, which has been proven to increase hit percentage and decrease time to engage during US Army Soldier touchpoints over the last two years.
Even in the case of a battery power loss, soldiers are left with an uncompromised 1-8x, direct-view optic and glass-etched reticle exceeding current capability.
Hamilton said, “By combining a unity power 1-8x direct view optic utilizing a first focal plane, etched reticle, a 1km capable laser rangefinder, state of the art on-board ballistic engine, atmospheric sensor suite, and programmable active matrix micro-display overlaid onto the first focal plane, Active Reticle™ delivers a true multi-mission fire control enabling everything from CQB to designated marksmanship at the extents of the NGSW’s effective range.”
For the soldier in the field, that means the freedom to devote their entire focus downrange. Hamilton said, “End-users will no longer need to leave their field of view to consult separate rangefinders or ballistic calculators, slowing them down and compromising their situational awareness.”

don't tread on me


Блин. Интересно, как из этого османского пистолета стрелять? Интересно, зачем ему надо было приделывать рукоять от ханджара?
Выставлен на Hermann Historica. Калибр 12,5мм; общая длина 490мм. XIX-ый век. Стартовая цена 16.500,00 €.

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