September 18th, 2019

SIG M400

С любопытством:

Интересная фотография. Как я понимаю, Colt Model 605 Carbine с установленным глушителем и в весёлой расцветке. Туз пик на прикладе. То что американец и скорей всего во Вьетнаме- это понятно. Интересно, что именно за род войск.

P.S. Уважаемый Лис дал ответ-
"Mk 4 Mod 0
The Mk 4 Mod 0 was a variant of the M16A1 produced for the U.S. Navy SEALs during the conflict in Vietnam and adopted in April 1970. It differed from the basic M16A1 primarily in being optimized for maritime operations and coming equipped with a sound suppressor. Most of the operating parts of the rifle were coated in Kal-Guard, a quarter-inch hole was drilled through the stock and buffer tube for drainage, and an O-ring was added to the end of the buffer assembly. The weapon could reportedly be carried to the depth of 200 feet (60 m) without damage. The initial Mk 2 Mod 0 Blast Suppressor was based on the U.S. Army's Human Engineering Lab's (HEL) M4 noise suppressor. The HEL M4 vented gas directly from the action, requiring a modified bolt carrier. A gas deflector was added to the charging handle to prevent gas from contacting the user. Thus, the HEL M4 suppressor was permanently mounted though it allowed normal semi-automatic and automatic operation. If the HEL M4 suppressor were removed, the weapon would have to be manually loaded after each single shot. On the other hand, the Mk 2 Mod 0 blast suppressor was considered an integral part of the Mk 4 Mod 0 rifle, but it would function normally if the suppressor were removed. The Mk 2 Mod 0 blast suppressor also drained water much more quickly and did not require any modification to the bolt carrier or to the charging handle. In the late 1970s, the Mk 2 Mod 0 blast suppressor was replaced by the Mk 2 blast suppressor made by Knight's Armament Company (KAC). The KAC suppressor can be fully submerged and water will drain out in less than eight seconds. It will operate without degradation even if the M16A1 is fired at the maximum rate of fire. The U.S. Army replaced the HEL M4 with the much simpler Studies in Operational Negation of Insurgency and Counter-Subversion (SIONICS) MAW-A1 noise and flash suppressor..."

Ну и вот ещё интересного.


Сегодня дежурить в клубе было прикольно. В отличии от той недели, было много народа и много оружия. (Видел сегодня даже болты под .22-250 Remington и 6,5x47mm Lapua.) Охотники сегодня стояли в очереди в 100м тир. (Кстати, что прикольно, среди охотников стало очень много молодых людей, я бы сказал в последнее время их даже больше, чем стариков. К сожалению среди спортсменов наоборот.)
Ну и к вопросу сколько нужно винтовок трём охотникам =)

Понравилась AR-10 с банкой. Кастом местного мастера- Waffen Burk. Очень добротно собранная винтовка, с отличной точностью-

Прикольно, в общем, так дежурить. =)